Students at McAuliffe explore different areas in the arts and enroll in their full-year arts elective at the time of course selections. In each course, students develop skills in order to create and present art while deepening their understanding of art in the world. Students must be proficient in literacy and math to participate.

Review the IB MYP Arts brief here.

Course options include:

  • Theatre/Drama – Students are introduced to the basic concepts of theatre arts by using creative drama techniques that build confidence and trust, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play. Through theatre games and activities students learn to lose inhibitions and gain trust in themselves as well as others in the ensemble. Students demonstrate and reinforce their skills through individual and group presentations and through major theatrical productions.
  • Beginner Band – This course requires instrument rental or purchase; scholarships available
  • Intermediate Band – Students must have one year of experience playing an instrument
  • Orchestra – This course requires instrument rental or purchase; scholarships available
  • Vocal Music/Choir – This is a performance-based course designed to introduce students to the choral experience, with a major emphasis on singing activities and vocal production. Students will develop the skills necessary for ensemble singing of choral literature appropriately arranged for middle school voices as well as reading music notation. The course also provides opportunities for growth in the understanding of musical elements (rhythm, melody, form, harmony, expressive elements, and style) as applied to the music performed.
  • Visual Arts – The Visual Arts classes allow for student-artists to explore and discover different perspectives and perceptions of themselves and the world at large through different art mediums (drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media). In 6th grade classes, we investigate, create, and analyze symbolism across different cultures and eras of artworks. In 7th grade classes, artists are presented a variety of opportunities to see the world around them differently and develop in skill. In 8th grade classes, students build and apply a range of skills to create artworks that speak out as they reflect on who they are and what role they play in the world today.
  • Stagecraft – In Stagecraft, students explore the various elements of technical theatre and theatrical design. Students work alone and in groups to present projects that focus on specific areas of theatrical design and production.
  • Journalism – Journalism incorporates writing, photography, design, and layout to publish several school newspapers and a yearbook throughout the year. Students investigate and brainstorm article ideas and learn to use photography to enhance stories.
  • Broadcast Journalism – This course is for students who have completed the Intro. to Journalism class and are interested in live news reporting. Students will make a news video of current school and world events to be shown to the student body and faculty on a continual basis throughout the school year.

Videos of 7th Grade Production of Once On This Islandonce on this island poster-0 (1)

If you missed the performances of Once On This Island or would simply like to see them again, below are links to videos of each of our performances.

Monday Night
Tuesday Night
Wednesday Night
Thursday Night
Friday Night

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