If students are identified as Gifted & Talented (GT), parents should have received notification from either DPS or McAuliffe directly upon identification. Schoology will be used this year as the primary communication tool for enrichment opportunities, reminders with dates and times for those opportunities, ALP surveys and general information. On your child’s grade-level homeroom page, there is a GT folder that will have the above mentioned information. Parents may also be notified via email with any pertinent information by our GT Coordinator Becky Middleton at

GT Advanced Learning Plan News

The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) process is changing considerably this year, and the ground work is currently being laid. Please review this document (PDF format or Word format) for an explanation of some of these changes and to let you know a little bit more about what to expect. To learn more about writing SMART goals, view this video.

University Talent Search Opportunities for GT and HGT Students

Here are two talent search opportunities in which your student may be interested: The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and the Duke Talent Identification Program. If you think your student would be interested in either of these programs, please visit their websites and look for the talent search link to learn more (the Duke TIP program has a specific 7th grade talent search program). Both programs have minimum requirements and will require SAT or ACT testing for 7th and 8th graders, and the programs provide information about how to register for these tests. Sixth graders qualify by taking the SCAT or STB. If your student does qualify, he or she will have the opportunity to take online classes with these universities and to attend their specialized summer camps at a variety of college campuses across the country. – Becky Middleton, GT Coordinator

GT Enrichments

This year, we have grade-specific Gifted & Talented (GT) offerings for GT-identified students as listed below. Approximately 50% of our student body is identified as GT, so we also provide a broad range of Clubs – including Destination Imagination, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Math Club and more – that is open to all students, plus a wonderful array of After-School Enrichments.

  • 6th grade only: Night of the Notables – Spring.
    Night of the Notables is for 6th graders who would like to study the life of a notable person from history who you are interested in. From there, you will learn as much about that person as possible…so much that you will become that person…ok…not really, but you will be able to present yourself as that person to an audience by the end of our study. Starts in the spring and students will present their notable at the GT Showcase at the end of the year.
  • 7th grade only: Independent project – Spring.
    The independent project study project is just that, a project where you pick a topic that you will study independently. You will choose something about which you would like to learn more: a current event, past event, a time period in history, a profession, an issue, anything about which you are passionate or in which you have a deep interest. We will start in the spring and projects will be presented at the GT Showcase at the end of the year.
  • 8th grade only: In-depth object study – Year-round.
    8th graders will become McAuliffe’s leading experts on an object of their choosing. They will learn everything they can: types, colors, weight, legends, myths, history, how it relates to everyday, etc. This group will get started after Labor Day and will meet every other Friday. They will report their findings at the GT Showcase at the end of the year.

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