The McAuliffe math department places a robust emphasis on building mathematical foundational skills as well as providing all students with diverse opportunities to excel.

Our 6th grade math content is focused on endowing every student with the skills and concepts that they need for the rest of middle school and high school.  Upon entering 7th and 8th grades, students are placed into either a traditional SL (Standard Level) or an accelerated HL (Higher Level) math class.  The Higher Level Mathematics course sequence concentrates 7th grade Pre-Algebra, 8th grade Algebra, and High School Algebra I into two years. Accelerated courses include the same Common Core State Standards as the traditional courses, but the pacing of the courses is faster and the material is covered at a deeper conceptual level.

Upon successful completion of the Higher Level Mathematics pathway, most students will be ready for Honors Geometry/Integrated Math 2 during their 9th grade year and will be prepared to take AP math or HL (Higher Level) IB Math during high school.  Students who finish our traditional mathematics course also take the DPS math placement exam and may well perform at such a level as to indicate an accelerated course of study in high school.

Our placement decisions are made prior to the start of each school year, and are based objectively on a combination of the results of a specifically designed placement test, a student’s Achievement of State Standards score, their most recent PARCC score, and their teacher’s placement recommendation.

Review the IB MYP Math brief here.

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