At McAuliffe International School, our math department utilizes the Singapore math approach for mathematics. Our units and lessons are in complete alignment with the new Common Core State Standards that Colorado has adopted and is a mastery-based curriculum. Each lesson develops students’ problem solving abilities by building their conceptual understandings, skills, mathematical processes, attitudes towards math, application of math in real-world contexts, and self-awareness. Additional resources are utilized to differentiate for below- and above-grade level students.

As an IB Middle Years Programme school, McAuliffe provides both Standard Mathematics and Accelerated Mathematics course sequences. The Standard Mathematics course sequence teaches Common Core Standards at the pace recommended by the state of Colorado. Upon successful completion of the standard pathway, students will be prepared for High School Algebra 1 during their 9th grade year and will be on track for completing Pre-Calculus math during high school.

The Accelerated course sequence concentrates 7th grade Pre-Algebra, 8th grade Algebra, and the basic components of High School Algebra I into two years. Accelerated courses include the same Common Core State Standards as the Standard courses, but the pacing of the courses is faster and the material is covered at a deeper conceptual level. Upon successful completion of the accelerated pathway, most students will be ready for Honors Geometry during their 9th grade year and will be prepared to take AP math or HL (Higher Level) IB Math during high school. Decisions to accelerate students into high school mathematics before ninth grade are based on solid evidence of student learning, work ethic, and commitment. Students who are not placed in the accelerated math sequence at McAuliffe may work with their designated high school to explore options for advanced coursework.

Review the IB MYP Math brief here.

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