McAuliffe works with trusted partner organizations in running After School Enrichments during the fall, winter and spring. Enrichment classes run one day per week and take place after school, usually starting right after school and ending by about 5:30pm. Some enrichment offerings may be repeated, while new classes may be introduced in future sessions.

Parents need to contact the organization directly to register and pay for the enrichment. Classes with insufficient registrations may be cancelled, and there is a maximum number of students each class can accommodate. For questions about this program or for information about scholarships, please contact Sherry Beardshear at sherry_beardshear@dpsk12.org.

Fall Enrichments

 Yoga for Empowerment
Sticky Fingers
Video Buzz

Coding Costumes (Costume Hacking) – CANCELLED

Learn to Code Arduino circuits, customizing controlling lights and sound. Final project will be a wearable light and sound sewn circuit, to insert into a costume or costume accessory (e-Textiles costume hacking). All classes will be hands-on, 1-to-1 computers, coding design, problem-solving, trouble shooting and collaborating with classmates as each student learns and applies Arduino code and creating their own take home coded costume project.

Students should bring their own costumes or costume accessory, to insert the sewn circuit into.

  • Fall Dates: 9/26/17 – 11/14/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 24th
  • Tuesdays 4:05-5:05 pm in room 120
  • Min 6 | Max 15
  • Cost: $175 (includes a $60/student take home Lilypad kit fee)
  • For more information contact 303-381-3741 or CodeSpireInfo@gmail.com
  • Register online here.

Fashion Design/Sewing Class – CANCELLED

Let your inner designer shine! Everyone is welcome to join no experience necessary! Students will begin with hand sewing and move on to using machines as their skills progress. Students will move at their own pace and will have the opportunity to choose their own projects developing self confidence as they go. Advanced students learn how to use patterns and “upcycle” clothes they bring from home. Lots of fun and creativity! All materials provided.

  • Fall Dates: 9/18/17 – 11/13/17 (8 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 23rd
  • Mondays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 111
  • Min 5 | Max 15
  • Cost: $85 please ask for sibling discounts & scholarships. Paypal e-mail is jagh8@comcast.net
  • For more information or to sign up JoAnne Rizzi at jagh8@comcast.net or 720-217-2160.

Introduction to Hurling, National Sport of Ireland – CANCELLED

Introduction to the Irish sport of Hurling. This 3000 year old sport that incorporates field hockey, soccer,/ baseball and lacrosse. This course will go over the basics of hurling and some history of a very simple stick/ball team sport. The basic skills will be taught and after several weeks, play will be the focus in scrimmage form.

  • Fall Dates: 9/20/17 – 11/15/17 (8 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 25th
  • Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm on the field (east end)
  • Min 10 | Max 24
  • Cost: $65 (If student has a Hockey or Lacrosse helmet w/ mask please bring)
  • Sign up by emailing bohaire@gmail.com or click here.

Sticky Fingers Cooking

Students will prepare and eat healthy, globally-inspired recipes all while learning to cook in a fun, engaging and real-world way! Our Chefs will reinforce kitchen skills associated with our weekly recipes and emphasize each area of cooking-terminology, ingredients and fun nutrition facts (even a few bad jokes!) We will practice measurements, use a wide array of cooking utensils all while preparing the freshest ingredients. Full recipes will be created each class with our AWESOME master chef Sticky Fingers Cooking instructors.
We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a fun, delicious and healthy after-school snack each week. Our on-line recipe collection is included as well for each chef for future family cooking fun!

Sticky Fingers Cooking is 100% nut free. We CAN and WILL accommodate ANY and ALL food allergies

  • Fall Dates: 9/21/17 – 11/16/17 (8 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 26th
  • Thursdays 4:05-5:15 pm in room 121
  • Min 8 | Max 12
  • Cost: $140
  • For more information visit Sticky Fingers website.
  • Sign up here.

Video Buzz

Are you into making your own videos or watching YouTube? In this class you will collaborate to create your own unique how-to, music and other age appropriate themed videos. All videos will be professionally edited and available to view online.

  • Fall Dates: 9/21/17 – 11/16/17 (8 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 26th
  • Thursdays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 108
  • Min 5 | Max 20
  • Cost: $160
  • For information contact info@talktothecamera.com or call 720-996-0984
  • Register online here.

Yoga for Empowerment

This offering will empower participants to navigate challenges of adolescence. Through discussion, pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana (the physical postures of yoga), students will develop tools to understand emotions, manage stress, improve focus, and embrace their unique identity. Together we’ll learn yoga postures and sequences to build strength and flexibility and breathing techniques to promote relaxation. Yoga mats and nutritious snacks are provided.

  • Fall Dates: 9/18/17 – 11/13/17 (8 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 23rd
  • Mondays 4:05-5:00 pm in room B12
  • Min 4 | Max 20
  • Cost: $80
  • For more information contact Ashleigh Cook, Registered Yoga Teacher (and former McAuliffe teacher!) at ashleigh.restad@gmail.com
  • Register online here. Payment accepted via check, PayPal or Venmo

YouthBiz StartUp

YouthBiz StartUp is a 8 session curriculum that provides students the foundations of entrepreneurship and business, enabling students to think, learn, speak and act as entrepreneurs. Students begin by learning about themselves and others in order to create their own business power team. After some business cycle, finance, and invention basics, students start the creation of their own business, from ideation to prototyping. The program culminates in a business pitch competition for a $100 cash prize!

  • Fall Dates: 9/20/17– 11/15/17 (8 weeks) NO CLASS on Oct. 25th
  • Wednesdays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 103
  • Min 6 | Max 20
  • Cost: $15
  • For more information visit YouthBiz
  • Sign up here.

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