McAuliffe works with trusted partner organizations in running After School Enrichments during the fall, winter and spring. Enrichment classes run one day per week and take place after school, usually starting right after school and ending by about 5:30pm.

Parents need to contact the organization directly to register and pay for the enrichment. Classes with insufficient registrations may be cancelled, and there is a maximum number of students each class can accommodate. For questions about this program or for information about scholarships, please contact Sherry Beardshear at sherry_beardshear@dpsk12.org.

Winter Enrichments

  Make a Movie   4:05-5:15 Room 108  1/22-3/5  YouthBiz Sharktank    4:05-5:30          Room 107          1/23-3/6 Pottery     4:05-5:30       Room 111 1/24-3/7   
 Fashion Design & Sewing       4:05-5:30   Room 111
Minecraft & Coding
4:05-5:35  Room 120
 Power Your World                4:05-5:30          Room 105 1/23-3/6  Sticky Fingers Cooking 4:05-5:30 Room 121 1/24-3/7
Photography  4:05-5:15  Room 106 1/23-3/6  Enshin Karate     4:05-5:05  Room B12 1/24-3/7




Enshin Karate

Our mission is to create confidence, focus and a habit of discipline to provide a child with choices rather than reactions.  We strive to create a compassionate environment that propels the potential inside every individual.

  • Winter Dates: 1/24/19 – 3/7/19 (7 weeks)
  • Thursdays 4:05-5:05 pm in room B12
  • Min 6 | Max 20
  • Cost:  $126.00
  • To sign-up email: maryanne.pallotti@yahoo.com.

Fashion Design/Sewing Class

Let your inner designer shine! Students will begin with hand sewing and move on to using machines as their skills progress. I will work with students collectively and individually as they move at their own pace. Students will have the opportunity to choose their own projects developing self-confidence as they go, will challenge themselves learning how to use commercial patterns and are encouraged to “upcycle” clothes they bring from home. Continuing students will be challenged with new skills and projects. Lots of fun and creativity! All materials are provided.

  • Winter Dates: 1/28/19 – 3/4/19 (5 weeks) NO CLASS Feb. 18th
  • Mondays 4:05-5:30pm in room 111
  • Min 5 | Max 15
  • Cost:  $90 ($85 for students continuing from the winter session) please ask for sibling discounts & scholarships
  • Cost:  $60 please ask for sibling discounts & scholarships.
  • Paypal e-mail is jagh8@comcast.net or Venmo to Jo Rizzi. Or pay cash or check on the first day of class. For more information or to sign up contact JoAnne Rizzi at  jagh8@comcast.net.
Make a Movie

Calling all movie fanatics….. Make a movie offers an in-depth look at film-making. Students learn all the aspects of film-making various roles, from writing, directing, acting and set design. Every student contributes their talents and efforts to making a  group film that will bring out the best of Hollywood in every student.

  • Winter Dates: 1/22/19 – 3/5/19 (7 weeks)
  • Tuesdays 4:05-5:15pm in room 108
  • Min 6 | Max 12
  • Cost:  $140
  • $5 Off with coupon code MCAW2019 at registration checkout (expires 1/17/19)! For more information and to register click here.  For any questions please email info@talktothecamera.com or call 720-996-0894 ext. 102
Minecraft & Coding

Time to mine! Play and extend mods in Minecraft. Learn basic JavaScript syntax and move deeper into coding skills with competitive games. Students move into Minecraft mods Syntax work. All classes will be hands-on, 1 to 1 computers, while collaborating and gaming with classmates as each student learns and applies code in a gamification method.

  • Winter Dates: 1/22/19 – 3/5/19 (7 weeks)
  • Tuesdays 4:05-5:35pm in room 120
  • Min 6 | Max 15
  • Cost:  $160
  • Register online here.
Photography – Beyond the Selfie

Fundamentals of photography for middle school kids. Students will learn all the critical elements involved in composing an image. We will practice using various light sources, basic editing skills and how to give and receive feedback. We will work inside and outside of the classroom. Students must bring their own camera and it’s manual (if possible). We can work with an iPhone or iPad but it won’t provide as many learning opportunities. Kids may bring laptops to the class. If they can not, they will be encouraged to practice some basic edits on a home computer. I will work with the students who do not have technology at home. Taught by Eliza Nolte of Skipping Rocks Photography. Eliza has been a Professional Photographer for 10 years.

  • Winter Dates: 1/23/19 – 3/6/19 (7 weeks)
  • Wednesdays 4:05-5:15pm in room 106
  • Min 6 | Max 12
  • Cost:  $120
  • For more information visit their website.
  • To register or ask a question email eliza.photographer@gmail.com.
Pottery Academy – Create with Clay

Pinch, pull, roll, shape, mold, smash! Clay is the most fun medium for expressing your creativity.  Learn hand building techniques and leave with several projects.  Each week you’ll make something new and by the next class your items will be fired and ready to glaze!  No experience needed! All clay, tools and supplies included.

  • Winter Dates: 1/24/19 – 3/7/19 (7 weeks)
  • Thursdays 4:05-5:30pm in room 111
  • Min 6 | Max 12
  • Cost:  $135
  • Sign-up here.
Power Your World

How do engineers harness the Earth’s resources to generate electric power? In this enrichment, you will learn about and build several types of energy conversion devices, including a human-powered battery, a hand crank electric generator, and a Stirling engine which converts the heat of a candle into electricity which you can use to charge your phone! All the while, you will learn about the most important energy opportunities and challenges which we face in the 21st century. This enrichment includes a field trip to learn about cutting-edge energy technology at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

  • Winter Dates: 1/23/19 – 3/6/19 (7 weeks)
  • Wednesdays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 105
  • Min 5 | Max 25
  • Cost:  $25
  • Sign-up here.
Sticky Fingers Cooking

Let your child release their inner chef! Students will prepare and eat healthy, internationally inspired recipes all while learning to cook in a fun, engaging, hands-on and real-world way! Our professional chef instructors will reinforce kitchen skills associated with our weekly recipes and emphasize each area of cooking: from discovering new cooking techniques, using the freshest ingredients, learning fun nutrition facts (even food pun jokes!) as we practice proper measurements, while using a wide array of cooking utensils all while preparing incredible culinary creations together. Your kids will have a blast each and every week discovering how easy and fun it is to cook tasty, healthy, American classics and globally-inspired Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes! We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a fun, delicious and healthy after-school hardy snack each week.

Winter Dates: 1/24/19 – 3/7/19 (7 weeks)
Thursdays 4:05-5:30pm in room 121
Min 8 | Max 12
Cost:  $122.50
Contact info: 303-648-4078, info@stickyfingerscooking.com
Sign-up here.

YouthBiz Shark Tank

YouthBiz Shark Tank provides students the foundations of entrepreneurship and business, enabling students to think, learn, speak and act as entrepreneurs. Students begin by learning about themselves and others in order to create their own business power team. After some business cycle, finance, and invention basics, students start the creation of their own business, from ideation to prototyping. The program culminates in a business pitch competition for a $100 cash prize!

  • Winter Dates: 1/23/19 – 3/6/19 (7 weeks)
  • Wednesdays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 107
  • Min 6 | Max 20
  • Cost:  $15
  • Sign-up here.

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