After-School Enrichments

McAuliffe works with trusted partner organizations in running After School Enrichments during the fall, winter and spring. Enrichment classes run one day per week and take place after school, usually starting right after school and ending by about 5:30pm. Some enrichment offerings may be repeated, while new classes may be introduced in future sessions.

Parents need to contact the organization directly to register and pay for the enrichment. Classes with insufficient registrations may be cancelled, and there is a maximum number of students each class can accommodate. For questions about this program or for information about scholarships, please contact Sherry Beardshear at

Spring 2017 – After School Enrichments

 Fashion Design
and Sewing

Competitive Tennis
YouthBiz StartUp
 Competitive Tennis
Minecraft Mods

New Sport Enrichment – Competitive Tennis

Run by former professional tennis player Meredith McGrath.  The competitive tennis enrichment is for players with previous tennis experience. Each session will be ran in a similar style to a college practice. We will concentrate on tactics and strategy, proper technique, and include competitive situations.  Please bring a racquet and water to each session.

Meredith McGrath was a singles semifinalist at Wimbledon (’96), mixed doubles winner at the U.S. Open (’95), and winner of three WTA Tour singles events and 25 doubles events. She reached career-high rankings of #4 doubles and #18 singles. She was inducted into the Stanford University Hall of Fame after a successful college career, winning both team and individual championships (’90). McGrath’s coaching experience includes working with high-level juniors, high school tennis teams, and top ranked Stanford University.

  • Spring Dates: On Tuesdays & Fridays – April 11-May 12 (10 sessions)
  • Tuesdays & Fridays 4:15-5:30 on the Tennis Courts (Make up days on Thursdays)
  • Cost: $120/person
  • Min 10 | Max 20
  • For more information or to sign up contact Meredith McGrath at 720.515.9035 or

Fashion Design/Sewing Class

Let your inner designer shine! Everyone is welcome to join no experience necessary! Students will begin with hand sewing and move on to using machines as their skills progress. Students will move at their own pace and will have the opportunity to choose their own projects developing self confidence as they go. Advanced students  learn how to use patterns and “upcycle” clothes they bring from home. Lots of fun and creativity! JoAnne Rizzi has been sewing and designing for more than 35 years and teaching for the past 10.

  • Spring Dates: 3/6/17 – 4/24/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 27TH
  • Mondays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 111
  • Min 5 | Max 15
  • Cost:  $75 please ask for sibling discounts & scholarships
  • For more information or to sign up JoAnne Rizzi at or 720-217-2160

Improvisation Class – CANCELLED

Improvisation Class will allow you to express yourself through musical instruments, percussion, movement and voice. Do you enjoy exploring the world around you through an artistic lens? Do you ever find yourself dancing in your room to your favorite song? Do you ever indulge in jamming on the air guitar? Then this class can help you focus your creative energy in a supportive environment.

  • Spring Dates: 3/6/17 – 4/24/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 27TH
  • Mondays 4:05-5:05 pm in room 223
  • Min 5 | Max 20
  • Cost: $170
  • For more information or to sign up

Minecraft Mods 2 & CodeCombat with JavaScript

Time to compete! Extend mods in Minecraft and begin with CodeCombat.Learn basic JavaScript syntax and move deeper into line coding skills with competitive games. Students move into Minecraft mods Syntax work, and begin CodeCombat to line code your avatar into gaming success. All classes will be hands-on, 1 to 1 computers, while collaborating and gaming with classmates as each student learns and applies JavaScript code in a gamification method.

  • Spring Dates: 3/7/17 – 4/25/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 28TH
  • Tuesdays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 120
  • Min 6 | Max 15
  • Cost: $140
  • For more information contact 303-381-3741 or
  • To sign up register online here.

Introduction to Hurling – Ireland’s National Sport – CANCELLED

Come join the fastest game on grass! Hurling is a cross between baseball, lacrosse and field hockey. Come learn and experience the oldest field sport in the world. With 3000 years of history, this is Ireland’s national sport and part of Irish culture.

  • Spring Dates: Starts 3/14/17 – 4/25/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 28TH * Start date has been pushed back 1 week *
  • Tuesdays 4:15-5:30 pm  on the field (east end)
  • Min 8 | Max 20
  • Cost: $55 – Helmets & sticks will be provided.
  • Sign up here or contact for more information.

YouthBiz Out of the Box

YouthBiz Out of the Box takes the StartUp program to the next level with real-life business ownership experience!  Students are able to create business teams around shared interests and complementary skills.  They then go on to select a product they want to create, choosing the materials and procedure they need to make 20 high quality, finished goods.  Students do all of their own financial calculations, marketing, and advertising to culminate in a real-world marketplace for students to sell their products. This session’s marketplace will take place at the YouthBiz Marketplace at Young Americans Center for Financial Education on Saturday, April 29th. After the sales experience, students calculate all of their revenue, sales tax, and profit, the last of which they get to take home!

  • Spring Dates: 3/8/17 – 4/26/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 29TH
  • Wednesdays 4:05-5:30 pm in room 111
  • Min 6 | Max 15
  • Cost:  $25–covers cost of booth for marketplace
  • Register for YouthBiz here!

Mini-Movie Making – Cancelled

3-2-1 ACTION!! Make a movie! Do you have an active imagination and picture yourself on the big screen? In this class, you will work as a team behind the scenes and as STARS in the film that you create. That’s a Wrap! A professionally edited class video will be available to view shortly after the class is complete. See examples on our website!

  • Spring Dates: 3/16/17 – 4/27/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 30TH * Start date has been pushed back 1 week *
  • Thursdays 4:05-5:20 pm in room 114
  • Min 5 | Max 20
  • Cost: $160
  • Sign up here.  For questions please email or call 720-217-9551

Fencing – Cancelled

If you enjoyed the fencing demo at McAuliffe this is the enrichment for you! Cheyenne Fencing will be coaching an hour long class every Thursday afternoon where you can fence as much as you want. Come join us and master the ancient art of fencing.

  • Spring Dates: 3/9/17 – 4/27/17 (7 weeks) NO CLASS ON MARCH 30TH
  • Thursdays 4:05-5:05 pm in the Cafeteria
  • Min 6 | Max 12
  • Cost: $99
  • Sign up here.

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