McAuliffe offers a number of academic-oriented teams and clubs run by teachers and parent volunteers. Most clubs meet once a week and require an ongoing time commitment and may involve competitions and a small fee (usually a $25 activities fee) to help cover expenses. Some clubs can require an interview process. Teams or clubs take place before school, during advisory, or after school.  If a student wants to join a club they simply need to show up to a meeting and pay the club fee (if applicable) to the teacher.

2019-2020 Clubs Schedule

Before School Clubs Math Team
Math Team

Advisory Clubs

Business Office conference room
 Geographic Club
Business Office conference room
Business Office conference room
Lunch Clubs LAB
During Lunch
Library 2nd/4th Friday




After School Clubs

4:00-5:30pm Room B10
  Dungeons & Dragons
Room 122
Environmental   Justice                   4:05-5:00pm  Room 111 Knitting Club 4:00-4:45pm Room 208 Every other Thursday
  BBSA     4:00-4:45pm Room 106 Rainbow Alliance   4:05-4:50pm Room 306  #Fitness Fun 4:05-5:00pm Small Gym Spanish Support Club 4:05-5:00pm Room 202
Mindful Mondays 4:00-5:00pm Room 111 Stagecraft Club
4:15-5:45pm Room 203
Shakespeare Club 4:05-5:05pm     Room 223 Animation Club            4:10-5:00pm Room 313
 Drawing Club        4:00-4:50pm Room 314 National History Day Club
4:00-5:00pm Room 310
French Club   4:05-5:15pm Room 205
 Running Club  4:10-5:00pm Courtyard  ASL            4:00-4:45pm Room 108  Chess Club   4:05-5:15pm Room 122
 S.A.S.C.      4:05-5:05pm Room 202  First Wed. each month


For information about our After-School Enrichments program, go here. For information about our GT program with special enrichments for GT-identified students, go here.

ASL (American Sign Language) Club

Do you know American Sign Language or want to learn? The ASL club will help all students at McAuliffe learn the basics of signing, while enhancing our knowledge of the deaf culture. No experience is necessary. The club will meet every Tuesday, from 4:00-4:45pm in room 108. The cost is $25. To sign-up click here. For questions, please email Ms. Baumert at

Animation Club –  Begins January 16th

Do you like Art, Animation and Comics? Well then come join us for Animation Club on Thursdays 4:10-5:00pm in room 313. We’ll explore apps like FlipaClip and use web tutorials to take our drawings to the next level. To sign-up please stop by room 313 or sign-up online here. Questions? Email Ms. Shiffrin at

BBSA (Black & Brown Student Alliance) – Begins November 11th

The purpose of the Black & Brown Student Alliance at McAuliffe International is to promote a greater understanding of the culture among students, employees, and community members at McAuliffe International.  This will occur through the presentation of diverse speakers that showcase education, black owned businesses and artistic contributions of African Americans here in Denver. Please join the BBSA on Mondays from 4:00-4:45 in room 106. The club is free and inclusive to all students regardless of their race. No sign-up is necessary; just join us on Mondays.  Questions please email Jessica Massie at

Chess Club

Come join us to show off your mental acuity at Chess Club. The club is open to all grades and experience levels! The club will meet on Wednesdays in room 122 with Mr. Nolan. The cost is $25. To sign-up click here. For questions, please email Mr. Nolan at

Destination Imagination – Days/Times TBD

Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving team activity that runs from Fall through Spring. The teams are organized by our GT Coordinator, Ms. Vanessa Zimmermann, but are led by parent volunteers who manage and support these student-led teams to the tournament in the Spring.  Check out this link for a preview of this year’s challenges.   If your student is interested in participating, OR if you are willing to volunteer as a DI manager, please contact Ms. Zimmermann soon at   Teams are forming now and will be up & running in September.

Drawing Club

We are starting a drawing/comic book club on Mondays from 4:00– 4:50pm in room 314. Students should bring whatever they want to draw with. Cost is $25. Scholarships are available. If you have questions see Ms. Bergman or email her at

Dungeons and Dragons – FULL

Calling all Dungeons & Dragon’s enthusiasts! Don’t know how to play? We will teach you! If you are Dungeon master or an adventurer please join us too. The Dungeons & Dragon club will meet on Tuesdays from 4:05-5:15pm in room 122. Cost of the club is $25. Scholarships are available. Please sign up online here to join the fun.  Please email Nolan Alexander at for more information.

Environmental Justice

Did you know that Earth Day turns 50 years old in 2020? Would you like to be a part of something larger than yourself and help the environment? Well, staff members at Swigert, McAuliffe International, McAuliffe Manual, and Northfield are interested in forming a team of students and staff members to address climate change issues in our schools and communities and take action to address these issues. Meetings will be every other Wednesday starting September 4th after school from 4:05-4:50pm in room 111. If you are interested in participating on the team, follow this link to the application and provide at least one letter of recommendation from an adult who knows you well. Please complete the application and get your letter of recommendation to either Ms. Collings’ or Ms. Middleton’s mailbox in the business office by Tuesday, September 3rd.

#Fitness Fun

Want to get in shape and have some fun? Join Ms. Kassay after school on Wednesdays in the small (south) gym from 4:05-5:00pm for some #Fitness Fun. Cost is $25. For more information contact Kristiann Kassay at Sign-up here.

French Club

Are you learning French? Are you interested in discovering French speaking cultures? Do you like movies, cooking, games, and art? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then join the MIS French Club now! This cultural club will meet every Wednesday from 4:05-5:15pm in room 205 to discover French speaking cultures through movies, shows, cooking, games, and more (club will run to 5:45 pm on days when we are cooking). The fee for this club is $35 ($25 for the club fee plus a $10 materials fee for cooking supplies.) Please sign-up online here or see Mr. Roholt at

Girls Club – CANCELLED

Middle school can present a lot of challenges to every student; academic, social, and growing pains. If you are a girl and would want to be part of a group where we talk about and conquer these changes in our lives, you might like this Girls Group. We will meet every other Monday to become a support team for each other and ourselves. We also will eat and prepare snacks as well as learn about the importance of self-care. Cost is $25. If you have questions see Ms. Lucy or email her at

Knitting Club

Yes, I like to knit, and No, I am not old! Please join us for a fun afternoon of knitting every other Thursday from 4:00-4:45pm in room 208, beginning September 19th. No previous experience necessary. Cost is $25. For more information contact Malgorzata Clarke at

LAB (Library Advisory Board)

The Library Advisory Board is a group of students who love books and reading and characters and stories. They help review and the whole school that promote a culture of reading. We do book talks, chat about the latest book news, and plan fun events. To be on LAB, you must fill out an application.  For more information click here. LAB will meet on the second and fourth Fridays during all lunches. New LAB applications can apply here. Returning LAB members should click here. Applications are due September 16th. For more information contact Blythe Kingsbury at

Math Team – FULL

The McAuliffe Math Team is open to all students who would like to put in the effort of additional work and regularly take part in the early morning practice sessions and occasional school-day and weekend competitions. Over the course of the school year, we typically compete in Math Olympiad, Math League, Mathletics, AMC, and MathCounts.

Math team practices most Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:00am in the Library.  The $50 annual team fee includes Math Team t-shirt and all competition costs. Click here to register. Students should enter the building through the south doors.

McAuliffe Running Club

The goal of Running Club is to run at least 100 miles before the end of the school year. But if you want to run 200, 300, or 400, this club is for you, too! In addition to getting in your mileage, you’ll get to spend time with friends and get to know people through running.
This is a co-ed club open to all grades, with or without running experience. For more information on the McAuliffe Running Club click here. To register for Running Club, complete this Google form by Friday, October 11th. Cost is $25. Please see Ms. Krah to request a scholarship.


Have you seen the TV show called “Glee”? It focuses on a high school class of student singers who arrange fun pieces to sing together. Anyone who is interested in learning more about singing is welcome to join us. We will meet Thursdays after school from 4:00-4:45 pm in room 108 and have fun singing and creating music together.  The cost is $25. To sign-up click here. For questions, please email Ms. Baumert at

Mindful Mondays Club

Come relax, have some downtime, and have a great start to your week at Mindful Monday Club where we do a variety of Mindfulness tools and techniques, plus snacks and crafts! The club will meet in room 111 from 4:00-5:00 on Mondays. . Cost of the club is $25. Scholarships are available. Please just show up on Mondays to join the fun. Please email Sherry Beardshear at for more information.

NaNoWriMo (Writing Club)

If you are a poet, song writer, novel, short story or fan fiction writer come to writing club during advisory in the Business Office conference room every Monday during Advisory through December. Learn about an upcoming writing contest and NaNoWriMo. For more information contact Vanessa Zimmermann at

National Geographic Bee

We will prepare for the National Geographic Bee where, in January, the top 10 participants will compete for a chance to represent McAuliffe International School at the state National Geographic Bee.  Geography Club will meet on Wednesdays during Advisory in the Business Office conference Room.  For more information contact Marie Neelis at

National History Day Club – Begins January, 2020

The National History Day club will be offered to 7th and 8th graders who are interested in putting together a National History Day project and competing at the regional competition! Cost for NHD club is $25. For additional questions please contact Amy Martinez at

Rainbow Alliance Club

Rainbow Alliance is a student club that provides for the concerns and interests of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender students and friends. Students can socialize in a supportive community of peers who either identify within the LGBTQIA+ or are supporters of this community. It will be held on Tuesdays from 4:00-4:50pm in room 306. McAuliffe Rainbow Alliance t-shirts are available for purchase for $25. For additional information contact Sherri Kochinka at

Robotics Club – FULL

Our first meeting will be on Monday September 16th right after school in room B10. We will meet on Mondays from 4:00 to 5:30pm. Students will start out working with Lego Robotics and then may expand to VEX Robotics. The Robotics Club will be run by parent extraordinaire Chris Dunn.  Club fee is $25. Sign-up here. For more information contact Sherry Beardshear at

S.A.S.C. (South Asian Student Club) – Starts January 8th

Do you, as a South Asian student, feel as if you don’t belong or do you want to learn more about different South Asian cultures? Then this is a perfect club for you. SASC’s purpose is to offer a place for all students to share in their South Asian heritage and a place where students can be themselves. We will celebrate the different religions in South Asia. SASC will be held in room 202 from 4:05-5:05pm on the first Wednesday each month. To join just show up! If you have any questions just email McAuliffe parent, Nillmini Hecox at

Semantics (Spelling Club)

This is a year-round competitive spelling club. Open to all students who are dedicated to participating regularly and competing. Semantics will meet Thursdays during Advisory in the Business Office conference room.  For more information contact Eleni Artemis at

Shakespeare Club – Begins January, 2020

Come and join other thespians in preparing for DPS 36th Annual Shakespeare Festival. The Shakespeare Festival is a joyful, rigorous, and fun exploration of the bard, acting, and Denver’s rich culture of collaboration and community. This year’s play has yet to be announced. Actors will work in small groups to perform a 2-6 minute piece from the play at the Festival on Friday, April 24th.

  • Dates: January 27th – April 24th (10 weeks plus Festival Friday, April 24th) NO CLASS ON FEBRUARY 17 and MARCH
  • Wednesdays from 4:05-5:05pm in room 223
  • Min 20 | Max 40
  • Cost: $50 (club fee + transportation + costumes/props)
  • Sign up here.

Spanish Support Club – Begins November 7th

The Spanish Support Club is available to any seventh grade Spanish students who would benefit from extra repetitions of the Spanish words used in class. We will use “fun” resources such as quizizz, quizlet, kahoot and more to support students in acquiring their Spanish knowledge. We will meet Thursdays after school from 4:05-5:00 in room 202. Cost of the club is $25. Scholarships are available. Sign-up here or for more information please contact Sra. Crissey at

Stagecraft Club – FULL

Stagecraft Club is an exciting step into behind the scenes of the theater, as well as into creativity, partnerships, & responsibility. This is a production-based after-school club, in which all club members will come together and support our theatrical peers by designing, painting, & building set pieces and props for the upcoming theatrical productions right here at McAuliffe!

Stagecraft club will meet in room 203, and the cost is $25 (per production). Club details coming soon. No food will be provided, so please be sure to pack a snack. Please any questions to Cris Sand at

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