We’re pleased to provide students different opportunities to learn and grow outside of the school environment. We offer an end-of-year Outdoor Education Camp for 6th and 7th graders, an optional trip to Washington D.C. for 8th graders, and a variety of optional trips to other countries with staff and parent chaperones. Parent information nights are held for each trip. This is an opportunity for students and parents to learn more about each exciting opportunity. Trips are paid for by families, but McAuliffe staff and parents help organize fundraising efforts and scholarships to make these trips accessible to as many students as possible.  For more information on the Kings Soopers Card Reward Program click here.

6th & 7th Grade YMCA Trips a Huge Success!

Our 6th & 7th graders started their summer in the mountains! Students had a great time doing archery, climbing wall, tie-dying t-shirts, making survival bracelets, learning how to build a shelter, hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park, and much more. A huge thank you to all our staff and parent chaperones for making this possible!


camp hiking (1)

Other Optional Student Trips

2018 – Washington DC Trip for 8th Graders

If you are interested in enrolling your 8th grader in the May 2018 Washington DC trip, please visit our trip website. Remember, you only have to put down a $99 deposit to reserve your spot, and get locked in at this low rate. If you have any questions, email Jenny Kershaw at

wash dc group at wh


2018 – Trip to France

The french-immersion trip to France is for 7th and 8th graders and will be during Spring Break, 2018. Please see Ms. Middleton at for more information.


2014 Trip to France and Spain

2018 – Trip to New York City: Broadway and the Arts

This 6 day, 5 night trip is chock-full of incredible activities: 3 Broadway shows, an acting class, tour of the Met, the Natural History Museum, the 9-11 Memorial…and so much more! The dates for the trip are May 29th – June 3rd, 2018. Trip sponsor is Ms. Loughhead. More details and sign up at

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2018 – Summer Trip to Costa Rica

Mrs. Turkle (former Ms. Gonzales) is the staff sponsor of a student trip for summer of the 2018 to Costa Rica. This Spanish-immersion trip is coordinated in partnership with Global Travel Alliance. The dates for this trip are May 30th- June 6th. Please see Mrs. Turkle for more information at


2018 – Summer Trip to Scandinavia – Trip is Full

In June of 2018, McAuliffe will send a group of students who will be immersed in culture while visiting multiple Scandinavian countries.

King Soopers Cards Rewards Program – Easy No Cost Fundraising!

It’s easy! McAuliffe partners with King Soopers to help families raise money for school sponsored trips. There is no additional cost to you – all you have to do is your normal grocery shopping. McAuliffe keeps track of your reward contributions for your student and then close to the departure time, McAuliffe applies the balance to the cost of the trip. Want to raise even more money? Just buy a gift card for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors to use to help build your child’s account. To get started, purchase a $5 reloadable gift card from Tammy Pittman in the Business Office. For more details on the King Soopers Card Rewards Program click here.


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