As the weather gets colder outside and our students are looking for things to do inside we wanted to begin to share some recommendations from our Library Advisory Board and from the librarians.

LAB Recommendation:

Starters by Lissa Price

“An infectious spore is used as a weapon. Only those under 20 and 50 or above are vaccinated. Can Callie save the senator while she’s trapped in her own brain?”

Recommended for grades 6-8
Hot topics: romance

Library Recommendation:

Fish In A Tree by Lyndia Mullaly Hunt

Sixth-grader Ally excels at covering the fact that she cannot read, but in 7th grade she is challenged and begins to ask for help.

Recommended for grades 6-8

Community Activities:

Please go on the Tattered Cover website to sign-up to meet these authors and be aware of up-coming activities.


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