Summer + Back-to-School

Summer Reading Assignments

Research shows that students who read for pleasure during the summer avoid the “summer slide” (the loss of academic skills over vacation) and perform better when they get back to school than those who don’t read. Plus, it’s fun — and it will help turn your student into a lifelong reader. That’s why your student’s only assignment this summer is to read for the fun of it. For more information and reading lists, check out the McAuliffe Library website.

Bus Route Information

For students who use DPS transportation services, bus route information will be mailed out from the DPS Transportation office the first week of August. You can also find your bus route information in Parent Portal.

Study Skills to Accelerate Your Learning

Find helpful tips in this article about effective ways to learn new topics and study skills students can adopt to accelerate their learning.

Read in more detail the 5 study skills that cognitive and educational psychologist John Dunlosky and team found to be the most effective: Elaborative interrogation, Self-explanation, Practice testing, Distributed practice, and Interleaved practice.

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