McAuliffe International School provides a rigorous, high-performing learning environment for all students.

Morning Meetings

One morning every two weeks, the principal holds a grade level meeting to go over the calendar for the week, review the goals, celebrate student achievement, address concerns and allow an opportunity for student voices to be heard.

Homeroom and Reading Zone

Every day (excluding Morning Meeting days) students attend a 20 minute homeroom where they have breakfast in the classroom and silently read their “choice novels”.


At MIS, “zeros” and missing assignments are not be permitted. The consequence for not doing your work is doing the work. In order to hold students accountable to this standard, MIS implements a Refocus Program. If a student does not do his or her work, the student will be required to stay after school to complete all missing assignments from 4:05pm to 4:50pm

Student Leadership

The students at McAuliffe International School play a central role in maintaining a culture of high expectations and excellence. Student leadership groups are counted on to serve as mentors to new or struggling students, act as mediators to help resolve minor conflicts and disputes within the student body and lead new student orientation and train incoming sixth graders on the “MIS Way”.

Uniforms and Professional Dress

In order to prevent distractions and maintain a professional learning environment, appropriate attire and dress are required of all students and staff at MIS. The dress code for all staff is at a minimum business casual. Students wear school-issued shirts along with khaki pants, shorts, dresses or skirts.


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