Physical Education

Students at McAuliffe participate in a Physical Education program as part of our curriculum, and we believe regular physical activity is not only part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle but also supports academic work and social interactions during the school day. Our PE program runs the full school year and provides students with 3.5 hours of physical education a week, while the average middle school student in Colorado only receives 52 minutes of PE per week.

We offer competitive PE for boys and girls as well as a non-competitive PE program for students who prefer less competitive sports and activities.

Review the IB MYP Physical and Health Education brief here.

PE Uniform Expectations

For PE classes, we are expecting all students to wear a

  • McAuliffe shirt with the word “Athletics” on it
  • McAuliffe athletic shorts with the “M” on them
  • Sneakers WITH LACES

Each day, your child’s PE teacher PE uniforms at the beginning of each class to make sure that our students are prepared for class. The PE uniform is to be worn during PE classes and not during other academic classes.  The administration teams will be making sure that students are not wearing this PE uniform throughout the rest of the school day. Working together with this, we can ensure that our students are practicing good hygiene by physically changing in and changing out of their PE uniforms for each PE class.

If your child needs assistance getting a uniform, please see Kim Ezrine or Kurt Fogleman.

If your child needs assistance getting a lock, please see Kristiann Kassay. We highly suggest your child uses a lock every day in the PE locker rooms to safeguard their personal belongings. The HPE department & McAuliffe are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

If you have any questions or concerns about PE uniforms, please contact your child’s specific PE teacher, email addresses can be found on our website.


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