8th Grade Community Projects

As an IB capstone project for our 8th graders, our 8th Grade Community Project challenges 8th graders to work alone or in groups to identify a community need, work to address that need, and then present their project to parents and teachers. This year, the 8th grade class engaged in 137 projects that made an impact in our community


The Community Projects Student Handbook can be found here.

Homelessness in Denver: Having The Voiceless Heard

8th Grader Ned Keyse would like to invite everyone to view his MYP Community Project presentation, entitled “Homelessness in Denver: Having The Voiceless Heard.” Please CLICK HERE to read about Ned’s research, action, and steps you can take to help!

Walk for Water

Our MYP community project is to build a well in a community in Africa so kids can go to school instead of having to walk many miles to get water for themselves and their families. Many people in rural parts of Africa don’t have clean sanitary water to drink. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in order to purchase all of the things needed in order to build a well in Kenya. In order to achieve this goal each student at McAuliffe could donate $20! Mr. Fogelman, a current teacher at McAuliffe has a brother who works and lives in Kenya and will be helping build the well that we raise money for. You are welcome to watch a video on our website for further information about the community we are planning on helping. We are planning to sell stainless steel water bottles on March 22nd, which is a late start day and also World Water Day. Each water bottle will cost $18 and a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit our cause. Later that day during lunch your student will be able to fill their water bottle with fruit-infused water to promote hydration and how lucky students at McAuliffe are to be able to receive clean safe water whenever they want it from our new filling stations. We will be also hosting a walk on May 11th in order to further educate your students and in order to receive more donations towards our cause. Please buy a ticket to our race so we can help provide a better life for hundreds of lives in Kenya.  Click here for more information and to donate.

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