8th Grade Community Projects

Our 8th Grade Community Project challenges 8th graders to work alone or in groups to identify a community need, work to address that need, and then present their project to parents, teachers, and students on March 17th from 8:00-9:20am.

As our 8th graders take action with their community projects this month, they are reaching out to the community for help. We have a number of items that need to be donated, funding needed, and several community events. Please check back often as we will be updating this list as groups come forward to ask the community for help. Thanks in advance for your support of our 8th graders and their drive to make a difference in our community!


Share Your Voice to Give Others Voice – Singing Competition to Raise Awareness on Child Abuse – March 9th, 2017
Do you like to sing? Want an opportunity to share your talent? Help raise awareness to support local victims of child abuse and earn a chance at winning a Cake Crumbs gift certificate! It is free to perform, but all competitors will be expected to share a statistic and a reaction on the statistic before performing. This will help us raise awareness for children suffering around the U.S.The competition will be on Thursday, March 9th at 5:30 pm in the auditorium.


  • Songs must be clean. Please try to keep profanities, violence, drug use, and other hot topics out of your song.
  • Performances must be only 1:00 long
  • Group performances must be limited to four people.
  • There are only 50 openings available, so sign up fast!

Click here to sign up. Questions? Email me at ryvleff@gmail.com


McAuliffe Pi K Run – March 14, 2017
We are Christina, Celia, Alexandra, Isabella G., and Grace B. Our 8th community project is a Pi K Race benefitting the “Make a Wish Foundation.” Through organizing this Pi Day Pi-K race we will be promoting and encouraging members of our community to live an active life. Additionally, we are raising money to help kids with terminal diseases by donating the proceeds of the race to the “Make-A-Wish Foundation.” RACE ENTRY: The cost of the run is $5 per student and $10 for adults. Each participant will receive a t-shirt that will be given to students as their “pass out of class” and to all adults upon check in the day of the race. To guarantee your t-shirt size, please make sure to register by Tuesday, February 21st. RACE DAY DETAILS: All students who have registered for the event will be released at 2:50 pm to participate in the race and the race will start at 3:14 pm. The adult/community race will begin at 4:14 pm. If you are participating in the community race, please check in and report to the McAuliffe field by 4:00 pm. The race will be 3.14 kilometers or approximately 2 miles. DAY OF VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers for both races. All volunteers will need to arrive at 3:30 pm. *If you are not able to attend the race, donations will still be greatly appreciated to help our cause.

If you are interested in registering or volunteering at the race or making a donation, please click here. Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community! **Your race entry and donations are tax deductible!


Helping Our 4-legged Friends
We are Tillie, Evelyn, and Laila and our plan is to hopefully raise $100.00 worth of donations so we can help Denver Dumb Friends League get more blankets and toys for their animals.We will accept donations through March 15th. We believe that one simple action can make a difference and that one small action can change the world. To help please see our community project page  here.

Books Needed for Hand Sewn Book Bags for Hallett Elementary 2nd Graders
We are Jane and Lulu and are 8th graders from McAuliffe who have hand sewn book bags for 2nd graders at Hallett. For their book bags, we wanted to fill them with books. We interviewed the kids and found out some of their favorite books. We would like your help with buying the books or donating money. Checks made out to McAuliffe International School, please bring in checks to Ms. Beardshear or room 115. Thank you so much for your support. Link to sign up to help here.

New Dog Toys Needed!
We are Jessica, Lashae, Laelana, & Rebecca and for our community project, my team has decided to donate dog toys to the Dumb Friends League. It is really sad to picture dogs in a shelter, so we thought they should at least have some new toys. Please help us make the dogs happy and drop off the dog toys at McAuliffe to Mrs. Walsh, room 313. The drive will be from March 6th – March 10th. Thank you for your support!

Precious Child  Donation Drive
Hello, we are Bella and Quinn. Our 8th grade community project focuses on children and how to provide them with what they need to be as successful in and out of school. We are currently doing a drive that collects supplies needed to help support these kids.We are looking for supplies such as:

  • New and Gently Used Clothing – ALL Sizes
  • Backpacks and School Supplies (Must be in good condition)
  • Shoes and Socks (Needs to be new)
  • Underwear and Undergarments (Needs to be new)
  • Diapers and Wipes (Needs to be new)
  • Sporting Equipment (Must be in good condition)
  • Toiletries (Needs to be new)
  • Small Household Items (Must be in good condition)
  • Kitchenware (Must be in good condition)
  • Linens, Towels and Sheets (Must be in good condition)
  • Decor and Lamps (Must be in good condition)
  • Storage Bins (Must be in good condition)

If you have any of these supplies please donate them soon! Please drop them off in room 115 or the library, the boxes are labeled “A Precious Child”. The drive will be from Tuesday February 28th – Friday March 17th. Thank you for your support!

Awareness for Student Safety To and From School
My name is Isabella and for my IB project I am raising awareness for student safety when getting to and from school.Now that the weather is getting warmer, kids are biking and walking to school again. For extra safety precautions please always reminded your kid to wear a helmet, never runs stop lights or signs, and to always look both ways even if the car is far away or stopped. Additionally, when you are driving your child to school, please make sure to always obey traffic rules and pay extra attention for students crossing! Thank you so very much for keeping our students safe!

Urban Farm Restoration
Our names are Hannah & Cole and are community project is to help the Urban Farm. The Urban Farm  is a non-profit that’s goal is to teach urban kids about agriculture and animals. They are a 501c-3 so they rely solely on donations to keep things running. Our goal is to give them a boost so they can afford the things they need to care for their animals. We are accepting donations on our gofundme page right now! Please check out our page.   You can also go volunteer at The Urban Farm in March when the reopen to the public. If you have any horseback riding equipment or materials around the house, please feel free to contact us at 697972@dpsk12.net to work out donating it! Any contribution is greatly appreciated! Thank you! We will be pulling it down the gofundme page in mid-March to early April. However, if we do reach our goal before then, keep donating! The Urban Farm needs as much money as it can get to put their restoration plan in action!

Project Happy Basket Needs Warm Coats, Blankets, & Clothing
Hello, our names are Charlotte and Toria. Our 8th-grade community project focuses on providing about 40+ men, women, and children in Denver with a care package. The items included in these care packages are chapsticks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, blankets, and warm clothing. We are hoping to hand out our items at local homeless shelters. We would love to have help from the community with providing us with various articles of warm clothing for the care packages. Anything will work from hats to winter jackets; however, we are mainly looking for adults sizes. The Central Park Rec Center is hosting a warm clothing drive for our project from February 12th-18th. It you would like to make a donation there will be a bin with a poster above it in the front lobby of the rec center. Your donation would help save lives! A total of 171 people die in Denver each year, eight of those due to hypothermia. Additionally, in the United States 700 homeless people die of cold conditions! Please help provide homeless people with warm clothing during these cold winter months. Thank you for your donation to our cause.

Public Defendants Need Your Support
My name is Ethan and for my community project I would like to support public defendants.Public Defenders, and their offices, are lawyers for those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer on their own. The Miranda Rights reading in just about every cop show references them, and yet the number of these highly-needed civil servants is far below where it should be. Many lawyers take more than one case a day and thus do not have time to properly research or even sleep. As a result, they often simply convince their clients to take a guilty plea so they can get to more difficult cases. Public Defenders or defendants are severely underfunded and understaffed, and this is an attempt to contribute some amount, however small, to their plight. All money raised will go to the great people at:www.defender.org. Please see my gofundme page.


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