Fundraising & Annual Giving

Learn more if you are interested in supporting McAuliffe through our Annual Giving campaign. You may choose a one-time donation or monthly giving. All funds are used to support:

McAuliffe at Smiley Foundation

Fundraising for various needs at McAuliffe International School is carried out through the McAuliffe at Smiley Foundation (MSF), a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that was established in 2012. The purpose of MSF is to help address the funding gap between what the school district is able to provide and additional resources McAuliffe students need.

The Foundation works with the school administration to prioritize school needs, identify which essentials require additional fundraising, and then execute fundraising campaigns to address those needs.  All donations to the foundation are 100% tax-deductible. Donate to the McAuliffe at Smiley Foundation in one of two ways: online or by check payable to ‘MSF’ and mailed or dropped off to 2540 Holly Street, Denver, CO 80207.

The Foundation is comprised of a board of directors. Current members of the board include Maxwell Chisenga, Michelle Scott (President), Michelle Moore, Jeremy Gurley, Anna Bangert (Treasurer), and Brandi Wright (Secretary).

The Board meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m., in the McAuliffe library; all board meetings are open to the broader McAuliffe community.

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MSF Priorities

Most fundraising for McAuliffe falls into the following four categories:

We appreciate the financial and in-kind support of our parent community, our community partners, and our grant donors in supporting programming and campus enhancements at McAuliffe. Our community can give financial support to McAuliffe through:

McAuliffe International School welcomes all donations and uses these funds to close the gap between what the district funds and what our McAuliffe students need. You may drop off a check at the school office, or you can give online (either on a one-time or recurring basis) through Colorado Gives.

MSF Accomplishments

Since 2012, the McAuliffe at Smiley Foundation has accomplished multiple projects and building improvements to benefit our students including:

Become a McAuliffe Sponsor!

Thank you to our McAuliffe sponsors, who are linked in our Sponsors section of each newsletter, and showcased on our website here and in a new poster in our foyer. We thank all of them for supporting our school! For information about how to become a McAuliffe Sponsor contact Community Liaison Michelle Moore at

  1. Ongoing funding for these fundamental services:
    • Critical Needs Program
    • Service Learning Program
    • Student Travel Scholarships
    • Staff Appreciation Program
  2. Adding additional safety precautions for the students and staff:
    • Additional FOB access at entry points of the building
    • Add additional cameras to various places inside the building and outside at the courtyard
  3. Outside field scoreboard for sporting events.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

CHIC provides social, emotional, cultural and academic enrichment education in partner schools across the elementary to high school continuum. We partner with schools and school systems to facilitate student learning, support adult learning, and improve systems. CHIC also provides intensive individual, group, and family mentorship and case management for women and girls who are impacted by violence and/or the criminal justice systems. For more information, please visit

YoungLife: Young Life is for all young people, wherever they live or whomever they are. We work with students from middle school to college and have specific ministries aimed at ensuring every kid feels a sense of belonging.ung Life is for all young people, wherever they live or whomever they are. We work with students from middle school to college and have specific ministries aimed at ensuring every kid feels a sense of belonging. The YoungLife group mission is Going where kids are and building personal relationships with them, ;providing fun, adventurous, life-changing experiences and working in community alongside like-minded adults (volunteer leaders, committee members, donors and staff)