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COVID Exposure and Quarantine Guidelines

If your student has been exposed to a Covid positive individual and is unvaccinated, keep them quarantined at home, get a PCR (not a rapid) test day 5-7 after exposure. With a negative test your student may return to school on day 8. Please call the nursing office to report and get further guidance at 720-424-1568. Click here for information from the CDC on quarantine and isolation.

Example: exposed on 11/1 (day zero), test on 11/6 (day 5), return on 11/9 (day 8) with a negative test. 

If your student has been exposed to a covid positive individual and is vaccinated, please call the nursing office for guidance at 720-424-1568. 

If your student tests positive for Covid, report this to nursing office. Your student will isolate for 10 days from the day of the test (day zero is the day of the test), and can return to school on day 11 without a fever and with improving symptoms.

Resources About COVID-19 Vaccinations for Children Ages 5+

Vaccines are the most powerful tool we have to ensure that our schools are healthy and safe for students and staff. Currently, vaccines are available in Colorado for those age 5 and older. DPS’ healthcare partners encourage our staff, students and their families to access the COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible. Check out the DPS COVID Resources page for more information and to find out where your student can receive a vaccine. Click here for additional resources about COVID-19 vaccines for children 5+.

General Immunization Information

All children “enrolled” in school, whether they are attending school remotely due to the pandemic or are attending classes in person, are required to submit immunization records and exemptions.

Please continue to follow the immunization schedules for your children. This is critical in keeping vaccine-preventable diseases from resurfacing. Please call your healthcare provider or nearby school-based health center if you are due for regular vaccinations.

Please email immunization forms and/or questions to either or You may also fax records to 720-424-1565.

ALL 6TH GRADE FAMILIES **Students are required to have Tdap prior to entry into 6th grade. One dose of Tdap is required for 6th through 12th grades.

Immunization Exemptions

Medical ExemptionMedical Exemption form

Nonmedical Exemptions will no longer be separated into two categories (personal belief and religious). To submit a nonmedical exemption, you must use CDPHE’s standard Certificate of nonmedical exemption. There are 2 options for submitting a nonmedical exemption:

The Online Immunization Education Module contains information about vaccine-preventable diseases and their vaccines, vaccine safety and schedules, and vaccine safety concerns. It is accessible online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The course takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You are able to submit an exemption for more than one of your children without retaking the course.

Additional Resources For Families