Please use the links below to connect you to different information or resources. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your grade level counselor at any time.

2023-2024 Counseling Staff

Make sure you and your student also check out the Mindfulness Room through the Counseling Suite as well for tips, tricks and coping strategies.

Resources for Parents of Middle Schoolers

If you feel you need urgent, mental health assistance, please contact one of the following resources:


If you or your student ever has any concern about the safety of the school or a student or member of the community, please contact Safe2Tell. Counselors wear many hats and are often away from email or phones and may not be able to respond to an immediate concern. Safe2Tell Colorado is a 24 hour service that gives students a safe, anonymous way to help someone who is struggling or hurting. Learn what to look for, what to listen for, and what to report at the Safe2Tell website.

Mental Health Support for Colorado Youth 

I Matter provides up to 3 free behavioral health sessions for youth in Colorado. Visit I for more information.

Colorado Crisis Services – Texting Service

Coloradans can now use text to receive immediate and professional help to deal with any type of crisis situation. The new statewide crisis text service launched by Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners, a provider of Colorado Crisis Services (CCS), is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The text service is the latest resource for individuals needing mental health, substance abuse or emotional help before, during or after a crisis.

McAuliffe School Counseling Services

Click School Counseling Services to learn about the roles that your grade level school counselor plays at McAuliffe, what services are offered to students and families, and how counselors support the success of all students.

ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan)

A student’s ICAP plan is one piece of the new DPS graduation requirements. The ICAP is meant to help students better understand themselves and the careers and postsecondary options that best fit them.

Select ICAP for makeup slides for each grade level. Slides will be available the day after counselors have taught lessons for that grade. Students MUST make-up ICAP on their own if they miss a lesson to stay on track to graduate.

High School Transition

Keep an eye on the weekly newsletter or the High School Bulletin Board for information regarding high school transition, events, dates, etc. If you have specific questions regarding which high school would be the best fit for your child, please contact your child’s counselor.

Use the DPS School Finder to narrow down your search at home!

Make sure that both you and your students are aware of and understand the new graduation requirements for the class of 2021 and beyond. DPS Graduation Requirements