2016-2017 Yearbook Order Info

Order your 2016-2017 McAuliffe yearbook online now at Yearbooks are $20 for early bird orders, but the price will go up to $25 on January 13th. You may also purchase a yearbook with cash or check in Room 313 during all lunch periods on RED DAYS ONLY, from Mrs. Walsh.

Yearbook Pictures Wanted!

Download the App (Balfour Image Share) on your smartphone to add pictures to the yearbook. Take pictures at sporting events, club events, art nights, lunchtime, or various school activities throughout the year. The last day to submit photos is March 1, 2017. Please keep the pictures appropriate and know that everything submitted can be tracked back to the sender of the photo. Not all pictures will be used; the Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. Thanks for your help and click away!

Balfour Image Share app: for iOS and for Android
The Project Number is 728251


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