Chromebook Return

Posted April 23, 2024

DPS is requiring all students to return their DPS-issued Chromebooks and Lenovo chargers to be returned at the end of the school year. Beginning May 14th we will begin collecting Chromebooks and chargers from all students. Students must return the Lenovo charger that was issued to them with their Chromebook. Generic chargers will not be accepted.  If your student does not turn in both their Chromebook and Lenovo charger, DPS will lock the student’s Chromebook and their account will be charged for the devices.

Chromebook/charger return dates:

  • 6th grade- May 22nd
  • 7th grade- May 20th and 21st
  • 8th grade- May 14th and 15th

To get your students’ Chromebooks ready for return, we ask that you check your students’ Chromebooks for damage and remove any stickers or writing from the Chromebook. Please note any damages and have your student notify us when they turn them in. We will be inspecting all Chromebooks as they are returned. Charges for damages will be determined by the district when they receive them for repairs. Questions about Chromebook return can be directed to james_cox@