Black Excellence at McAuliffe

At McAuliffe International, we want our black and brown students to know we see and hear them as leaders in our community. Our black students will have a known voice in our culture, our curriculum, and our community. We will be better at celebrating culture and diversity within our school and within our curriculum. As leaders, we will NOT fail them and continue to allow our students to challenge us to be better in making sure we are providing spaces for black excellence in our MIS community.

We recognize that at MIS that equity, diversity, and culture need to be a priority. As a school, we understand that in order to achieve equity we need to acknowledge where we have fallen short and where we need to support our students the most. The changes we are implementing this school year will have an impact not only for our students but for the staff and overall school community. These initial steps that we are taking is only the beginning to reach our goal of having the necessary resources for our black and brown students.

Check out our Black History displays at McAuliffe.

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