Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

During the year, we will continue to celebrate and honor the diversity of our McAuliffe Community. Both online and in-person, our students and staff have the opportunity to engage with various celebrations of culture and diversity.

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander History Month!  Despite being a minority in America, we changed history. We built the railroads that your ancestors traveled on to get to California during the gold rush, we fought bravely in wars (such as in WWII with the 442nd Infantry Regiment), we’re your teachers, hospital workers, judges, actors, and so much more.

AAPI stands for Asian American Pacific Islanders. We are from islands in the Pacific (such as Samoa and FIji), Japan, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, as well as other countries. The first Asian immigrated to the US many centuries ago. Well known AAPI include Kamala Harris (Vice-President), Andrew Yang (entrepreneur, lawyer, and politician), Yo Yo Ma (cellist), IM Pei (architect), Bowen Yang (actor and comedian), Aziz Ansari (actor), Sandra Oh (actress), Eddie Van Halen (musician), Bruce Lee (martial artist and actor), Tammy Duckworth (congresswoman), Michelle Kwan (ice skater), and Sanjay Gupta (neurosurgeon and journalist), just to name a few. The foods of the AAPI community are as diverse as the community itself. The foods include: dumplings, sushi, dim sum, spring rolls, pho, ramen, curry, tikka masala, tandori chicken, bulgogi, kimchi, adobo, satay, and so much more.

AAPI month celebrates the diversity and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. In 1978, a law passed stating that AAPI is a week to celebrate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Later, the law was amended to make AAPI week into a month which is celebrated in May. The month was chosen to honor when the first Japanese immigrants came to America and because that was when the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed. AAPI month was created in order to celebrate what Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have done for the U.S. and our culture. Although we have different backgrounds, we are still Americans. We are Americans and we changed history.

Madeline Senger- 8th Grade Student

Denver Public Schools