cropped-M_favicon.jpg McAuliffe International School Tours

McAuliffe is conducting School Tours for parents and their current 5th grade student from 8:40am-9:40am on most Wednesdays and Friday mornings from October 4th, 2017 – February 23rd, 2018. Due to the enrollment demand and the increasing student population in the boundary, we ask that ONLY current residents of the Greater Park Hill / Stapleton shared middle school enrollment boundary or those intending to move to our boundary area register for the School Tours. We will limit each School Tour to 30 families a day to reduce the impact on our teachers and students. Please do not bring younger siblings on the School Tour. When you sign up, you only need to register ONE SLOT PER FAMILY under your student’s name.

Sign up here for McAuliffe School Tours.

McAuliffe Open House

McAuliffe International School is pleased to offer an Open House on Thursday, December 7th from 7:00-8:00pm for families to learn more about our school. Parents and their current 5th grade student are welcome to attend our Open House together. Due to limited auditorium space, we ask that Open House attendees register below (please sign up for ONE slot per family). If you have attended the School Tour it is not necessary to attend the Open House. McAuliffe is located at the Smiley Campus 2540 Holly Street, Denver CO 80207.

Sign-up for the McAuliffe Open House here.

McAuliffe International School does not do student shadowing.

McAuliffeManual.M.LogoSolidBlue  McAuliffe Manual Open House and Tours

If you are interested in McAuliffe Manual, please click here for tour and open house information. McAuliffe Manual was recently recognized by DPS as a green school for it’s academic achievements.  For more information on McAuliffe Manual visit their website here.

McAuliffe International School is a full participant in the Denver Public Schools Choice System. For more information about SchoolChoice, please visit http://schoolchoice.dpsk12.org/.

DPS SchoolChoice Process

The DPS SchoolChoice office has provided the following important information to parents to guide them in the choice process.

  • Round 1 in the SchoolChoice process happens during the month of February . This is for the release of the paper forms as well as Online SchoolChoice.
  • The deadline for Round 1 in the SchoolChoice process is February 28th, 2018, at 4:00pm for paper forms or online forms. Parents should make their choice selections by one method only and should NOT complete both printed and online choice forms.
  • DPS encourages parents of currently enrolled DPS students to create a Parent Portal account in order to participate in the online SchoolChoice system. Participating in this online SchoolChoice system means parents will not have to drop off or mail a SchoolChoice form, and they may find out the school their student has successfully choiced into sooner.
  • Parents of new DPS students may also participate in online SchoolChoice by pre-enrolling and creating a Parent Portal account.
  • In mid-November, DPS will send Enrollment Guides in the following manner: For 5th grade students, DPS will send Enrollment Guides home in backpacks; for 8th grade students, DPS will mail Enrollment Guides home.

First Round SchoolChoice

When the First Round SchoolChoice student assignment process is run, several factors are considered. The following information is used to prioritize applicants who are interested in attending McAuliffe International School.

  • No particular type of applicant is guaranteed admission in the First Round.
  • All applicants will be prioritized in the following way:
  1. Students who live in the Stapleton-Park Hill shared middle school enrollment zone*
  2. Denver residents who have a currently-attending sibling who will also be at the school next year.
  3. All other Denver Residents
  4. All other Non-Denver Residents

McAuliffe International School is a full participant in the Denver Public Schools Choice System. For more information about SchoolChoice, please visit http://schoolchoice.dpsk12.org/.

* All middle school students residing in the Stapleton – Park Hill middle school shared boundary are guaranteed a spot at one of the shared boundary middle schools, but not at a particular middle school no matter what proximity your residence is to a school in that boundary.

McAuliffe International School makes every attempt to accommodate siblings who apply together in the same school year. Meaning, if one sibling applicant is assigned to this school, the other may be too.

Second Round SchoolChoice

School notifications
DPS notifies families regarding your student’s school assignment in mid-March. If you fill out your form online, expect to receive an email notification. If you submit a paper form, you will receive a mailed letter.

Round Two of SchoolChoice
Round 2 of SchoolChoice begins in late March. This is the first-come, first-served segment of Choice for families who missed Round 1. Round 2 SchoolChoice forms will be available at all schools and at http://schoolchoice.dpsk12. org/. Submit your completed Round 2 form directly to your most preferred school that has availability for the next school year.

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